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What is dedicated transportation?

By definition, a dedicated freight solution provides consistent capacity for your business’ shipping requirements. But the benefits don’t have to end there. Superior dedicated carriers build and maintain a fleet tailored to your unique needs, including specific equipment and freight handling requirements. Schneider’s dedicated solutions do just that — and so much more — to deliver on your brand promise.


Six ways dedicated transportation benefits your business

1. Requires less fleet management

Dedicated transportation is like having a private fleet without all the hassle that comes with it. Schneider assumes fleet management responsibilities like safety analysis, equipment investments and driver hiring and training — so you can focus on running your business.

2. Guaranteed freight capacity

With a dedicated transportation solution, freight capacity is guaranteed for your routine shipping needs, where and when your business calls for it. When your shipping volume surges, the carrier leverages its network — including third-party capacity brokerage — to keep freight moving on time. Schneider has the expansive reach and network to ensure a seamless shipping process no matter the demands. Additionally, when volumes are down, Schneider leverages its network to keep drivers busy and prevent assets from sitting idle.

3. Special care and handling of freight

Dedicated transportation is a natural fit for moves requiring specialized equipment and delivery techniques, such as storefront and job site delivery, mobile roller conveyor use, and Moffett-powered offload. Schneider recruits the most qualified drivers and emphasizes special training tailored to your business. Whether your fleet operates temperature-controlled trailers, lift gates, flatbed, or custom-designed equipment, you can trust our drivers to maintain product integrity and guarantee timely delivery of your freight.

4. Shipping flexibility and customization

Dedicated transportation is custom-built for your business needs. Schneider takes everything into account to build a flexible dedicated solution that works best for you, including conducting a comprehensive operations analysis, ongoing freight tracking and optimizations and even the uniforms drivers wear.

5. Greater shipment predictability

With a dedicated fleet, you have the comfort of knowing that your freight keeps moving consistently. Even if volume changes, Schneider can use variable or dynamic routing to maximize the efficiency of your shipments. By optimizing shipments on your regular route schedule, you’ll see added value throughout the supply chain.

6. More consistent pricing

Greater shipment predictability and consistent volume also leads to more consistent pricing. With a dedicated transportation solution in place, your rates are managed and predictable to keep you insulated from the effects of market fluctuations.

Is a dedicated transportation solution right for you?

There’s a good chance your business could benefit from a custom dedicated transportation solution, especially if you find yourself facing these transportation issues:

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Published October 2020

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