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Innovation and technology that drives freight forward

Every day, our freight technology and innovation for shippers, carriers, and drivers automates processes, enables visibility, and delivers powerful insights to maximize efficiency on every shipment.

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Technology that solves your business' unique shipping needs

Lately, everyone is talking freight, supply chain, and logistics technology. Schneider has focused on integrating technology to improve the experience of our customers and drivers since 1975. Whether it is our electric trucks, providing freight visibility options, or helping customers to optimize their supply chain, Schneider’s focus is on technology that:

  • Improves efficiency and delivers cost savings.
  • Incorporates green technologies and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Increases safety for drivers and customers.

Schneider’s legacy of innovation continues with our latest offering Schneider FreightPower®, a digital marketplace that benefits both our shippers and carriers. 

Freight tech and innovation through the years

Schneider is always delivering, always ahead

FreightPower: Technology for shippers and carriers

Always Delivering, Always Ahead

Schneider FreightPower® is a digital marketplace that has benefits for both shippers and carriers - instant access to reliable capacity and quality freight. Both carriers and shippers experience the power of having the right tools at their fingertips to overcome their unique transportation challenges and maximize their businesses.

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Shaping innovation at The Grove

This new 20,000 square foot building – on our main campus right outside of Green Bay – represents our investment in the future in a whole new way.

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Freight technology and innovation awards

2020 Target Middle Mile Award for Best Transportation Innovator icon

2020 Target Middle Mile Award for Best Transportation Innovator, for auto-arrival technology

2021 FreightTech100 award logo

2021 FreightTech100 Award, 2020

BIG Innovation Award, 2020

Forbes CIO Innovation Award, 2020

2020 FreightWaves FreightTech25 award icon

2020 FreightTech25 Tech Award, 2019

Quest for Quality Award: Third Party Logistics, TMS Category, 2020

2020 Top Green Provider, food and beverage industry

2020 General Mills Dry Carrier of the Year, for providing innovative solution

Innovative supply chain technology case studies

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