Shipper Case Study

Advanced port logistics needs require specialty solution

Expertise, knowledge and an extended network prevail when specialty solutions are needed for port logistics needs


Background: Schneider experience yields unique answers

For nearly a decade, Schneider has had a strong relationship with a customer who assembles and manufactures rail car parts. In fact, the manufacturer has outsourced the majority of its freight management to Schneider’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) division. 

That means Schneider’s SCM team handles a wide range of transportation functions for the manufacturer, including but not limited to securing capacity for shipments and scheduling delivery appointments. As the relationship and workload grew, Schneider was called on to facilitate more complex transportation needs.

Situation: Unconventional shipments require special equipment and planning

The manufacturer learned that an overnight arrival of bolsters (large metal sheets that fit between the wheels of rail cars) had landed in port in Chicago. It notified Schneider to help facilitate moving the bolsters to a warehouse in southern Illinois. The bolsters were shipped in 20-foot containers, making them overweight at 40,000 pounds.

Schneider quickly devised a sophisticated equipment and logistics solution to address the heavy weight of the product. Specifically, the containers required an extra-long forklift for transloading because the plant didn’t have the staff and equipment to handle the product the way it comes into port. Additionally, a specialty chassis for dray services and flatbed coordination for transporting the bolsters were needed to ensure a smooth delivery from Chicago to the warehouse.

Schneider's solution: Procure the resources and execute the move

Schneider brought extensive expertise and the ability to call on an extended network. Utilizing these additional resources meant Schneider could effectively and efficiently manage the customer’s service needs. 

Schneider relied on its experience and expertise of moving freight in and out of ports and identified and acquired the three core components necessary for a successful freight move out of the port: a drayage carrier, transloader and flatbed delivery. Schneider utilized its own assets and third-party logistics providers to create and implement a fast solution. 

With the correct equipment and processes in place, Schneider was able to oversee the removal of the bolsters from the ocean containers, reassemble them to the length of the flatbed trailer and send them to the plant where they would complete the manufacturing.

Results: exceeded customer's expectations on a tight timeline

With several pieces to fit together and a tight turnaround, Schneider delivered a seamless solution. Key outcomes included:

  • Providing 100 percent on-time delivery
  • Achieving 100 percent acceptance of freight
  • Meeting production schedules
  • Avoiding demurrage and per diem costs
  • Devising a timely solution for a complicated issue

What was initially seen as a one-time need is now a shipment that Schneider manages consistently. The manufacturer saw Schneider’s value on this work due to the expert assembly of specialty equipment and the flawless execution of the logistics required. 

Now when Schneider gets the call that a new shipment is on its way, facilitating the move is as easy as one, two, three.

Published May 2016

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