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It’s an online marketplace that gives shippers instant access to reliable capacity and carriers access to quality freight.

For shippers:

  • Instantly quote and book freight
  • Complete freight visibility with 24/7 tracking and notifications
  • On-demand access to shipping documents
  • Customizable reports
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For carriers:

  • Instantly book loads from loadboard
  • GPS tracking
  • 'Recommended loads' option
  • Fleet management
  • Trip information
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ShipperResearch and reports

Five steps to reduce shipping emissions and improve sustainability

Emissions associated with transportation and shipping are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for many companies, so optimizing supply chains and the transport of goods is key to meeting sustainability goals.
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Mexico Transportation Market Update
ShipperMarket updates

Mexico Transportation Market Update

Q2 Mexico Transportation Market Update: The latest on what’s happening in Mexico including growth, events and cargo security
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Our company story is a values story. Excellence, integrity, safety, respect. See how our core values deliver for you.

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At Schneider, we are a team committed to helping our partners overcome the challenges that the economy and market presents.

Adrian, Regional Vice President, Schneider

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