Safety First & Always:
Getting it there matters, but getting it there safely matters even more

Safety is our no. 1 core value. 

This commitment stems from our founding common sense observation that "nothing we do is worth hurting others or ourselves." In fact, company founder Al Schneider chose our trademark Omaha Orange as the color of his growing fleet to make sure our equipment could be seen. Today, our culture of safety starts with our people and layers in training, processes and technology.


A culture of safety sets the stage.

No one values – and delivers – safety like we do, and that begins with a strong culture steeped in “safety first and always.” This belief is held by all associates – whether they spend their workday at a desk, behind the wheel, in a warehouse, or in the shop. We never miss an opportunity to raise the bar even higher, which is why we have industry-leading policies and practices (such as mandatory pre-employment drug tests that surpass DOT standards by requiring hair samples). Initiatives like our “Haul of Fame” honor safe drivers and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to recognizing safe associates.


We’re committed to ongoing training.

Once safety-minded people are entrenched in Schneider’s safety-minded culture, they are expected to consistently operate against a very high standard. Schneider sets associates up for success by teaching and reinforcing safe operations at every turn. We employ an intensive three-pronged approach (classroom, simulator and behind-the-wheel) proven to prepare new drivers for their careers. We require all our drivers to continually re-certify through on-going training, and create individualized training plans for those who need or want to brush up on their skills.


Our systems provide safety guardrails at every turn.

Over the last 80+ years, Schneider has seen firsthand how effective processes ensure that safe, well-trained associates stay at the highest level of performance. That’s why we’ve built smart systems into every aspect of the business. From proper load securement to sleep apnea screening and treatment, our processes are designed to protect drivers, motorists and freight. Of course, we are constantly sharpening each and every one of those systems.


Technology provides a final layer of safety.

Start with the right people, the right training and continually improving processes. Now, add the final piece: technology. In transportation, Schneider is known for technological innovation – particularly when it comes to safety. We were the first to install game-changing in-cab communication devices back in 1985. For the first time, drivers could get quick and easy access to information about their loads, including details that helped them plan the safest routes to their next stop. One of the many safety features on today’s version is text-to-voice functionality. The system reads messages and directions aloud, keeping drivers’ eyes right where they should be: on the road. Another powerful technology making our trucks, our drivers and our highways safer every day is the OnGuard™ collision mitigation system. Installed on every new tractor, this forward-looking, radar-based system monitors the distance, speed and deceleration of the vehicle ahead. OnGuard alerts the driver to possible collision risks and actively works to mitigate the severity of any impact.

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