In the news: UPDATE: Deadline once again postponed for Mexico new Bill of Lading requirements (Carta Porte al CFDI / Bill of Lading Complement)

The Mexican Tax Authority (SAT) has recently extended the grace period to meet the Carta Porte requirements from March 31, 2022 to September 30, 2022.

The Carta Porte requirements will apply to all cross-border freight.

The Carta Porte requirements require preparation and testing. We have been working with our shippers to proactively determine any additional data needs prior to implementation and are testing the new process. We have seen varying degrees of preparedness from our customers and if you have not started working on meeting these requirements with your Schneider representative, please reach out to them as soon as possible.

mexico to united stated shipping map

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In the news: Mexico regains spot as top US trading partner in February

Mexico was the United States’ No. 1 trading partner in February, knocking China off the top spot and into third place. The last time Mexico ranked No. 1 was April 2021.

Mexico’s trade with the U.S. increased 16% year-over-year in February to $56.25 billion:

  • Imports from Mexico increased 19% to $33 billion
  • U.S. exports to Mexico increased 13% to $23.7 billion

Port Laredo was the top-ranked U.S. port of entry for trade with Mexico in February, totaling 211,347 commercial truck crossings, a 27.5% increase from the same month in 2021.

Chart showing top Mexico to U.S. exports for February 2022
Illustration of trucks entering and exiting Mexico

WANTED: Southbound freight to Mexico

Recent data from National Institute of Statistics and Geography, INEGI, shows that the export gap between Mexico and the U.S. has continued to widen, with two northbound shipments for every southbound shipment.

The gap in southbound freight means there is a lack of available capacity for northbound freight. To meet demand, often empty containers need to be sent to Mexico to cover that freight at a higher cost.

If you have freight going southbound, let’s work together to meet the needs of northbound capacity!

In the news: Procurement bids to suppliers in Mexico surging

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights the increase of nearshoring as a result of the pandemic.

According to procurement software firm, Jaggaer, the company from 2020 to 2021 tracked:

  • A 514% increase in Mexican suppliers receiving bids from its big U.S. buyers.
  • A 155% increase in Latin American suppliers receiving bids.
  • At the same time, the company found those manufacturers sought goods from 26% fewer suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region.

They have also seen manufacturers adding suppliers to their supply chain.

The combination of expanding supplier relationships and bringing production closer to end users, is a growing effort to keep product on shelves.

Mexico Procurement Factory
Map of covid restrictions in Mexico

Restrictions removed throughout all of Mexico

All 32 states in Mexico have lifted restrictions due to the dramatic decrease in cases over the past month.

In the news: Mexico moves up to 4th-largest global auto parts producer

Mexico was the fourth-largest auto parts manufacturer in the world during 2021, according to the Mexican National Auto Parts Industry Association (INA), producing $94.78 billion worth of auto parts, a 21% increase from $78 billion in 2020.

INA said the increase was due to greater demand for regional value content for passenger vehicles in the manufacture of auto parts to comply with provisions in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

To remain duty free, vehicles assembled in North America must have 75% of their components made in the North American region, according to USMCA.

Semi hauling cars
schneider's 30th anniversary in mexico

2022 marks 30 years of serving the Mexico market

Schneider offers Mexico cross-border shippers expertise in a difficult market.

More news

intermodal cross border image with mexican flag
Shipper Case Study

Manufacturer gains reliable and consistent cross-border capacity with Schneider intermodal

Schneider expertly managed freight and conducted ongoing analysis to create nonstop, truck-like cross-border intermodal service to keep product moving while uncovering time and cost efficiencies.
A truck moving across the border with a flag of Mexico cover image
Shipper Case Study

Custom drop trailer solution improves cross-border shipping of PPE

A medical supply company that makes PPE saw an increase in demand due to COVID-19. As part of the manufacturing process, materials and trailers are stored at a facility in Texas and are moved across the border into Mexico for manufacturing. The heightened need for PPE and expedited timeline stressed the supply chain and left the manufacturer unclear how to move forward efficiently.
Published April 2022

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