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What to look for in a dedicated carrier


Transportation is essential to your business; you won’t make a profit if your product doesn’t get to its destination. It’s crucial to find a dedicated transportation solution that works for you — not just right now but also as your needs change. Finding the right dedicated carrier will make all the difference in ensuring your success. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure the carrier that you choose has what it takes to get the job done right — every time.


Six factors you should consider when choosing a dedicated carrier

1. Invested in learning your business

Benefit: A strategic relationship with a solid foundation — without hidden risks

A good dedicated carrier is more than a partner — it’s an integral extension of your company focused on protecting your brand. Ensure your carrier is invested in learning the ins and outs of your business so that it can prepare for them today and turn them into opportunities tomorrow. A good carrier also practices transparency, validating its decisions before making changes and harboring no hidden agenda.

2. Flexible – No one-size-fits-all hauls

Benefit: Market conditions ebb and flow, but you’ll always have access to the capacity you need to meet the moment 

In today’s market, the only thing that’s consistent is change, so you need a carrier that can provide flexibility. Look for a dedicated carrier with a large network of drivers and equipment, as well as a variety of service offerings, like reefer, flatbed and bulk. Through surges and down times, long hauls and short, you need a dedicated transportation provider that can scale to your needs. The solutions the carrier implements should be designed to evolve with you, accommodating your shifting needs while insulating you from the challenges that come with market variabilities.

3. Continuous investments in equipment and technology

Benefit: Ability to invest in your core business instead of focusing on complex transportation and logistics issues 

Look for a dedicated carrier with freight technology and innovations that automate processes and enable visibility to maximize efficiencies, keep your loads safe and help protect the environment. The right carrier will be able and willing to invest in the latest equipment for your safety and reliability. That includes investing in new technology or engineering new equipment configurations to optimize your supply chain and bring big value to your business.

4. Smart beyond technology

Benefit: An optimized, efficient supply chain that saves you money 

Not only should your carrier have trailblazing technological advancements, but it should also have the expertise needed to smartly put its technology to use to benefit your business. It will have a team of engineers that can analyze your dedicated transportation requirements and identify efficient and economical solutions. There is no substitute for thinking — look for a carrier that will invest time into creating the best solutions for your business.

5. Safety-focused

Benefit: Protection of your freight and brand reputation

Focusing on safety isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also a smart business move. Since dedicated drivers are an extension of your company, you’ll want them to represent your business well. Make sure your carrier takes a proactive approach to safety, sufficiently training its drivers and investing in the latest safety technologies to ensure your freight reaches its destination without incident.

6. Asset-based fleet with non-asset capabilities

Benefit: The flexibility to meet your changing needs 

Asset-based carriers have more control over their equipment and give you ready access to the capacity you need. This allows them to look at the whole transportation journey, rather than just the individual non-asset carrier portion, and adjust the supply chain as needed. They can also create pilot programs or temporary dedicated fleets. A dedicated carrier that has non-asset capabilities, like logistics solutions, will also be able to nimbly provide solutions when your needs change.

The dedicated carrier you choose should have safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness at its core. Learn more about how Schneider Dedicated can service your needs and help grow your business.

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Published June 2021

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